We write about it again because it is extremely important, especially for you. Below, we briefly explain why your iWadi profile should be completed in detail.

Companies, organizations, institutions want to conduct researches on their products or services. They want to survey specific people with specific interests, place of residence, family situation, occupation, way of life, etc. You provide this data while establishing your account with iWadi or can insert or amend it later on. No matter when, take your time to fill in your iWadi profile. The more detailed your profile is, the more money you can make on online paid surveys.

We look for respondents with desired parameters and we do that by analyzing the User’s profiles. Keep in mind we never take into consideration your e-mail address or any personal data as well as we never release them to our business partners. The Users’ profiles are always analyzed collectively. Only selected individuals, i.e. those that match the desired parameters will be invited to take online paid surveys. It may happen that, despite incomplete profile, you will receive an invitation to complete the survey. Most likely, however, in the process of completing the questionnaire, after a short verification, you will see the message informing you about your ineligibility for the study. At the same time, iWadi will tell you what information it misses in your profile. Once you fill it in, iWadi will be able to send you invitations to online paid surveys that match your profile.

Therefore, it is worth taking few minutes to complete your iWadi profile. Once and for all. You’ll feel the difference immediately – you will be qualified for the studies more often, you will be receiving invitations to surveys that match your profile, and in the end you will be making more money.