iWadi is an online research panel that allows its users to make money on online paid surveys. iWadi is present in several countries. Currently those are: the USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, Germany, France, Philippines, India and Poland. We are still growing and more and more users worldwide are joining iWadi. Despite the fact that we have users in various countries, we can see similarities between our users.

Most of our panelists are women – 56.43% of all the iWadi users. Males account for 43.57% of all the iWadi users. These proportions are consistent with the statistics for the EU countries. Online paid surveys are completed on an average by 51% of women and by 49% men. With regards the age of our users: 43% are 23-35 years of age, 26% at the age of 36-55 years, and the same, i.e. 26% at the age of 14-22 years, 5% of users are at the age of 56-80 years*.

The data, as we describe above, we’ve obtained on the basis of the answers given by our users. We don’t know exactly to whom this data refers to – all data is analyzed collectively. At the same time, we want to remind how important it is to completely fill in your iWadi profile. If we don’t know what you like, what you eat, what you ride, what you listen to, watch, etc. we can’t send you invites to surveys that fit your profile.

More and more often organizations and research agencies look for respondents with precise profile. It means that we need to filter our survey panel in search of panelists with certain characteristics. If you profile is not complete and up to date it means that you may not be selected for a research. In the end, you may not receive an inviation to a survey and you miss a chance to make money.

* All data is from March, 2015