Nowadays, a growing number of companies use online surveys to test the market. Online surveys allow them to reach a broad number of consumers, to test their behavior, preferences and opinions. To encourage the respondents to take online surveys, the companies provide various enhancements with the most common being money. However, the respondents of online surveys are driven by various motivators, not necessarily money. In most countries they turn out to be similar though. Our partner – CINT AB conducted a research to test the respondents’ motivations.

Some of the respondents just want to have a real impact on the companies. According to 55% of the respondents, an increased competition in the market forces brands to listen to their consumers and to acknowledge their opinions. Almost 70% of the respondents believe that by taking online surveys they have a real impact on the brands. 62% of the respondents declare that they are more inclined to buy from those brands that asked for their opinions. 55% of the respondents indicate an increased loyalty to the companies that asked for their opinions. Less than a quarter of respondents stated that participation in online paid surveys did not change their attitude towards the company. According to the respondents, the tests conducted by the fashion industry, telecommunication companies and banking sector are of the most importance.

For a small portion of the respondents their participation in online paid surveys is caused by their particular interest in the subject of the study or the brand being the subject of the research or they just want to share their opinion (declared only by 4% of the respondents). Others simply want to help brands and at the same time they can make some money. Believe it or not, but sometimes the respondents simply like to take part in the surveys. They do so not for the money but just for a fun of it.

However, the most common motivator for taking online surveys is money. 55% of the respondents declare that they take online surveys for money or to support the charities. Keep in mind that iWadi allows you to donate money made on online paid surveys to the charities. 40% of the respondents are willing to take online paid surveys in exchange for free products or vouchers.

And what drives you?