iWadi is an online research panel where you can make money on online paid surveys. iWadi is a part of one of the largest and fastest growing research companies – CINT AB with the registered seat in Stockholm (Sweden).

CINT is an online research platform. Through CINT the panelists from over 60 countries everyday take online paid surveys. They share their experiences and opinions on various companies, products, brands and services. Their experiences and opinions are accumulated and on request made available as a whole (only in aggregated form!, i.e. with no data regarding a single panelist) to research companies, businesses, local governments, NGOs. CINT is created by over 800 of research panels form different countries, including iWadi.

CINT has ISO 20252 certification from CIRQ (CASRO Institute for Research Quality). Thanks to that certification iWadi meets high quality, data confidentiality, reporting and data security standards. iWadi also fulfills high quality standards of the ARF, MRS, CARSO, MRA, AMSRO and SMIF.

If you want to contact us or in case of any questions write us an e-mail on [email protected]