This time we won’t be talking about making money or online paid surveys but about things that, believe it or not, you can have absolutely free (and legally). The Internet is full of such options, all you need to do is to take your time to look for them. We took a while and did a small research for you. Below you can find few websites thanks to which you can enjoy having at least some things in your life completely free of charge.

Free pictures

On those sites you can find free pictures. This is key tool for every blogger or webmaster. We also use those sites. If you want to hang something on you wall, there is no need to buy a piece of art, just find an interesting picture, print it and put it on.

Free graphics and icons

Or if you are more into graphics, you can get free graphics and icon setse.

Free software

Internet is packed with free software. Below is the very brief list of secure open source software that we also use ourselves.

Free accommodation

If you are on a budget or you are not a fan of spending nights at the hotels or if all of the hotels in the area are packed, you can always try this web site (and stay for free).

Free e-books

If you are a reading freak you may enjoy free books. Check the biggest resource of free book in the Internet.

Free lessons on public appearance

Public speaking is a useful skill those days. Toastmasters are the kings of speech.

Free academic courses

You don’t need to pay if you want to develop your skills or gain new knowledge. Try those websites that offer education for free.

If you know any other web sites that offer things for free, please share them with us at [email protected].