There is no doubt that making money on the Internet through online paid surveys is very easy. You do not need to have any qualifications, no one cares about your CV or experience. All you need to have is an Internet access. Then you need to create your user account with iWadi, fill out the profiling forms and patiently wait for invitations to online paid surveys. Invitations will be coming to the e-mail address provided by you during registration with iWadi. If you do not want to miss our invitations, please enter your e-mail address that you use on a daily basis –  in this way you should not miss a single invite. Make sure to check also your mail regularly.

Making money on online paid surveys does not require a time commitment. Most surveys take up to a few minutes. However, the longer the survey, the more you can earn on it. You have to be patient, go through the entire questionnaire and make few bucks. Do not give up. After some time, you will see it yourself  how nice and easy it is to withdraw your rewards that you can spend on anything you like.

It may be that you will be annoyed with an amount of invites to online paid surveys. The amount of invitations can be freely adjusted in your user profile, you can receive more or less of them. Alternatively, you can set up an email address dedicated only for the purpose of receiving invitations to surveys. However, we do not recommend this approach, because you can miss our invite.

Surveys can be taken at any time anywhere. The questionnaire can be filled, for example, during your break at work or school, on the way to work or school. The more responsive you are to invites, the more of them you will be receiving. Make sure that your user profile is always complete and up-to-date.

You must be aware, however, that online paid surveys can only be treated as your additional source of income. You will not be able to support yourself with online paid surveys. Do not trust those who assure you that you will be making big money in a short period of time. Do not believe those who promise you that you will become rich by taking online paid surveys. Do not get cheated.

Making money on online paid surveys for sure requires patience. You have to take a number of surveys to make certain amount of money. You also need to make certain amount of money to make a payout. But if you take online paid surveys seriously, you should be able to make money very quickly.