This is another short text on things you can have for free or almost free in the Internet. This time we write about the so-called sharing economy. Sharing economy is created by people who want to exchange services or products or to provide cheaper services themselves. Some of the services may not be available in your country, but if you know of any other, please share this info with us.

transportation and free rides

Are you looking for cheap or free ride. Check blablacar or spinlister. You will be able to travel for the cost of petrol or small price comparing to your own car or other means of transport.

small services

Exchange services, favours and staff you don’t need any more with other people. Check zaarly, a home services (house cleaning, handyman, lawn care) exchange platform.


Are you looking for cheap or unique accommodation. Do you want to spend a night in a tree house, forester house, igloo or maybe on a barge. Check airbnb, a place where people from all over the world rent rooms, houses and all sort of places to live in.