What has changed with the era of online paid surveys?

  • Is there a lift here? – asks the interviewer.
  • It is, but it closed – comes the reply.
  • This means that there is one – sums up the interviewer.

for “Philip of cannabis,” old Polish Film from the old communist times (1981)

Once upon a time, research companies used to send their interviewers to wander around the city or walk from house to house and hassle respondents with long and most of the time boring questionnaires. Nowadays, companies prefer to conduct surveys on their own and through the Internet. Online surveys are a lot faster and a lot cheaper. Also, online paid surveys allow to reach more respondents with precise research profiles.

These days, companies want to survey specific individuals – they are not at all interested in your names, e-mail addresses, but they want to know where you live, how you live, what is the level of your education, what you do, what you ride or drive, what you like, where you go on vacation, how you spend spare time, etc., etc. For respondents, online paid surveys give more options to speak. The respondent has an opportunity to be heard on those topics that are of interest to him/her.

The benefits of online paid surveys are bilateral. You can speak out and based on your voice, the companies can customize their products or services to your needs. The companies inform us who they want to survey and through iWadi we look for those specific persons. We do this on the basis of the data that you provide to us when signing up with iWadi. That is why it is so important that you carefully fill in your iWadi profile and tell about yourself. We don’t analyze this data, we take it into account only as aggregate information. Online paid surveys also save the trees.