PayPal ( is one of the largest and most popular online services allowing payments over the Internet. iWadi has partnered up with PayPal to provide our members with fast and secure payments for completing online paid surveys. Money that you will make on online paid surveys will be paid to you through your PayPal account. Thus, in order to get the money for online paid surveys, you need to establish a PayPal account.

To create a PayPal account:

  1. visit;
  2. choose create account option;
  3. select PayPal for you and press start;
  4. fill in your details and press the Accept button and I want to create an account.

Note. It is important that you use the same e-mail address on your iWadi account and PayPal account. In this way you make sure that your money will be transferred to the proper account.

That’s all. The whole process is done online. Easy, isn’t it?

Your PayPal account can be associated with your bank account and you can safely transfer the money you make with iWadi to your bank account (please note that transfer is done through PayPal – we don’t see any details of your bank account).

Note. PayPal collects 2% of transferred sum as a transaction fee. iWadi does not charge any fees.