Below, we provide you with some advice on how to use iWadi to get the most out of it. Please read those practical tips carefully, because they can help you make more money on online paid surveys.

1. Sign up and activate your account

The first step to start making money on online paid surveys is to register with iWadi. Keep in mind that filling in of the registration form is not sufficient. You also need to confirm your e-mail address by clicking on the link received in an e-mail sent to you by iWadi. Clicking on the link finishes the process of the registration and activates your account. You are now a member of iWadi.

2. Enter a valid e-mail address

Invitations to online paid surveys are delivered to you via e-mail. Therefore, it is crucial that you provide a correct e-mail address when registering. Double check if your e-mail address contains any special characters, it does not have any additional characters or letters. If you do not provide us with a valid e-mail address, we will not be able to send you invitations to online paid surveys and you will not have a chance to make money.

3. Check your spam

It may happen that the default filters of your e-mail will treat invitations to online paid surveys as spam. Messages considered as a spam are usually automatically transferred to spam. If you add the address [email protected] to your contacts, the invites should be coming to your inbox. Why address [email protected]? Because iWadi is part of Cint AB, one of the largest and fastest growing research companies in the world with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

 4. Fill in and update your profile

Research agencies need to know a few details about you in order to be able to include you in their surveys.  If you don’t fill in your profile or you fill it in only partially you reduce your chances of receiving invitations to online paid surveys. Sometimes, a research is preceded by a profile survey. The profile survey is not paid, but it increases your chances of receiving more invitations to online paid surveys. Completion of the survey profile also demonstrates your commitment, which affects the bulk of the invites to online paid surveys that you receive.

5. Check your e-mail

To take part in online paid surveys, you need to know that you are invited. If you do not check your e-mail inbox on a regular basis, you will not know that you have received an invitation. It may also cause that you will respond to the invite too late. Therefore, check your e-mails as often as possible. Only then you can be sure that you don’t miss an invite and that you respond to it on time.

6. Answer honestly

Make sure to provide only honest and true information and answers. We use filters that allow us to catch false or meaningless information. We have procedures to enable verification of the truthfulness of responses (e.g. if you answer the same question in different ways, we are able to catch it). If you do not answer honestly, do not expect that you will be treated as a serious respondent.

7. Answer carefully

In some surveys you are requested to mark an answer. Sometimes, you have an empty box in which you are expected to provide your answer. When you write your answers, make sure to take your time to provide answers. Try not to leave the blank spaces. In this way you will be perceived as a serious and reliable respondent. Such respondents are of an importance to research companies. To such respondents the research companies are more willing to address their invitations.

8. Take your time

Each invite to an online paid survey indicates the time required to take the survey. That time is carefully calculated. If you complete the questionnaire before the minimum specified time, it will mean that you have not read the questions carefully or you provided random answers. Our control procedures enable us to identify such practices. iWadi meets the requirements of ISO 20252. Remuneration is awarded only for true and fair answers and fully completed questionnaires.

9. Be active

Just being a member of an online research panel is not enough to take you into account when conducting the research. If you do not react to the invites to online paid surveys or you do it very rarely, the system may consider you as an inactive user. As an inactive user, you will not be receiving invites. Respond to as many invites as you can. In this way you will be seen as a serious respondent and you will increase your chances of receiving even more invites to online paid surveys.

10. Provide only true data

In order to pay you your remuneration we need to have your data. Any data that you provide us with is secure. it is processed in accordance with the European Union law and the ethical code of ESOMAR, ie. European Students Association for Public Opinion and Market. iWadi is also certified with ISO 20252. Our connection is encrypted with SSL / HTTPS. If you give us false data, you cannot expect to receive a salary.

11. If you are a member of many online research panels …

Many guides on online paid surveys advice you to subscribe to as many online research panels as you can. Be aware that if you register in all of those research panels with the same e-mail address, you reduce your chances of making money on online paid surveys. Research companies will be sending you invites to surveys only through those research panels in which you are the most active. Do not expect to receive invites and take same surveys through the various research panels.