How it is possible to make money on online paid surveys? Who pays you for taking online surveys? Is taking online paid surveys safe? Is it worth your time? Below, we’ve tried to answer those questions and any other you may have. If we have missed anything, you can always contact us at: [email protected].

Companies and organizations of all sizes are constantly looking for ways to better understand their customers and markets in which they operate. Nowadays, market researches are primarily carried out through online research panels. We can see the constant increase in online surveys as well as online research panels.

The principles of iWadi’s operation are simple. After signing up with iWadi, you will be requested to fill in few short surveys. Through those profile surveys we will be able to get to know you. Once we know you better, we will be able to match the surveys carried out through iWadi with your personal profile. To the e-mail address provided in the Registration Form we will be sending you invites to online paid surveys. The volume of the invites depends on your profiling as well as number of researches that are carried out through iWadi. Also, the more members we have the more invites we’ll be able to send you. So, please tell about us to your friends.

Why filling in the profile is so important?

In general, people don’t’ like to receive e-mails on topics that are of no interest to them. We don’t want to send such e-mails and spam you. For example, if you’re a young mum, we will not be inviting you to researches on smoking, unless you check in your profile that you’re a smoker. We always try our best to match the survey to your profile. We try our best that our surveys are interesting for you. This is also important to companies and organizations with whom we cooperate and that pay us for precise access to respondents with specific profile.

Is it safe to participate in online surveys?

You can be sure that your profile and your answers to paid surveys are always anonymous. We never pass any personal data of our users to companies or organizations that conduct researches. We comply with the rules of ESOMAR that specify in detail how the research companies must act.

Who makes money on completing surveys?

First and foremost, you are the one who is making money by completing online paid surveys. Each completed survey is rewarded with specified amount that depends on the length and the topic of the survey. Of course, we also make money on online surveys. Our remuneration is mainly for finding the right number of respondents with certain profiles. We also get paid for supporting of the complex research processes.

How much money can I make?

Your actual earnings depend on the number of completed paid surveys, length of the surveys and topics of the surveys. The more surveys you take and complete, the more money you can actually make.