Is it actually worth my time? Can I actually make any money on these surveys? “- these questions are often asked by our members prior to joining in. The answer to both questions is “Yes!

No obligations

First of all, signing up and being a member of iWadi is completely free of charge. To start making money all you need to do is to: fill in the registration form, activate your account, and check your e-mails on a regular basis. To an e-mail address provided during registration, we will be sending you invitations to online paid surveys.  If you have not been receiving invites from us, make sure to check your SPAM box. It may happen that our e-mails will reach your SPAM box. To avoid such situation please add the address [email protected] to your contacts.

Being a member of iWadi does not create any obligations on your side. You do not have to take a specified number of surveys.  You decide to which invites you want to respond and which surveys you want to take. We expect only that the data provided by you during your registration as well as answers given by you in the surveys are true and accurate. We can pay you only for those surveys that contain honest and reliable information.

No schedules

Online surveys can be completed at any time. We suggest, however, a quick response to the invitation to complete the survey because the survey can fill in fast. Once we have the number of answers we were looking for, we will close the survey and you will not be able to respond to it.  Let’s be honest, by taking online surveys, you will not make a fortune. But, you will be able to make some extra money that you can spend in any way you want, on your dream trip, dance course, parachute jump. Keep in mind that the remuneration for each survey varies. In each invite to an online paid survey, you will be informed about the amount of remuneration for a completed survey.

Not sophisticated requirements

To make money on online paid surveys, you do not need to have any special skills. You only have to be over 13 years old, have an e-mail address, Internet access, a computer and a few minutes of a spare time. Always make sure to take your time to accurately complete your profile survey. If you let us know about yourself, we will be able to send you invites to online paid surveys that match your profile.

Any data that you provide us with is safe. Your data is processed in accordance with the Code of Ethics of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Market Research). Our connections are encrypted with SSL / HTTPS certificate. Any information provided by you is confidential which means that the answers provided in the paid surveys are analyzed with complete anonymity. The results of our surveys are presented only in the form of statistical summaries, as average or percentage response for a particular group of people, e. g. 30% of men aged 25-30 years like sports.

No attachments

Online surveys with iWadi can be taken anywhere you want as long as you have an Internet access there.  Make yourself a cup of tea, sit back on the couch and start making money! Always provide honest and complete answers. In this way you will be considered as a serious respondent. In turn,you will be receiving more invites to online paid surveys and in the end make more money.