Paid online surveys as the market research tool

Some people treat online paid surveys very suspiciously as they consider online paid surveys as some kind of a fraud. However, nowadays online paid surveys are the most common method of studying the consumers’ behavior, their opinions and preferences. Research agencies on behalf of their clients examine the consumers’ market and ask questions that help them in making marketing decisions. Understanding of the customers’ behavior allows determining the market situation, gives an overview of how the products or services of the given company are perceived, helps to find out what needs to be changed or improved, and even to decide how the products should look like.

What exactly those online paid surveys are

Currently, most marketing research is carried out via the Internet. With development of technology online surveys will become even more popular. Compared to paper questionnaires, telephone or focus groups, paid surveys are a convenient, cheaper and much faster way to collect customer feedback. The participants of the online research study typically provide more comprehensive and honest answers as the Internet gives them a sense of anonymity. That is why online surveys are gaining in importance and are replacing traditional research methods. However, they are still the same research tool as a paperot phone  questionnaire or focus groups. Online survey is a questionnaire that is taken via Internet. Its length and complexity varies depending on the needs of market research companies. Online surveys have the advantage over any other form of research. i.e. they allow interacting with respondents.

Paid online surveys as a source of income

For respondents online paid surveys can constitute an additional source of income. How is it working? By taking part in online surveys, you are selling your opinion. At the same time, you are helping in making marketing decisions on many products and services. The amount of money that you can earn by taking online surveys with iWadi is different depending on the country. Actual earnings on a single survey can be different. Your earnings depend on the length of the questionnaire and the type of research. The shorter the survey, the less money you can make. But the more surveys you take, the more money you will make.

Only credible research panels

It happens that the suspicious approach towards online survey panels is justified. Therefore, you should always verify the panel research. iWadi is a part of Cint AB, one of the largest and fastest growing research companies in the world with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. iWadi is certified with ISO 20252. Our connection (login, register a new account and your data) are encrypted with SSL / HTTPS.