Being a valuable respondent translates into money making

Taking online paid surveys is a job. Research companies are your employer. As in every job, good, reliable and serious employees are valued. Therefore, to attract companies conducting online surveys and make more money on online paid surveys, you need to build your personal brand. You need to be considered as a diligent and serious respondent. Below we give you some hints on what actions you need to take to build your brand as a valuable respondent. Being a  valuable respondent reanslates into money making.

Make sure your profile is complete

You need to be aware that the invites to online paid surveys are sent only to the chosen respondents. When you were registering with iWadi, in the registration form you had to enter various data regarding yourself (e.g. about your interests, place of residence, brands that you use, etc.). Any data that you provide in your registration form creates your profile as a respondent.

The companies that conduct market research look for people with specific profiles. If you do not complete your profile, you provide only partial or false information on yourself, the research companies do not know with whom they are dealing. They cannot get to know you. They do not know whether your answers will be of any value to them. Therefore, they may not consider you as a respondent and they will not be inviting you to online paid surveys. In the end, you will make much less money.

Sometimes, a survey is preceded by a profile survey. A profile survey is a questionnaire that is supposed to help to define your personal profile. Taking a profile survey is not paid. However, completion of a profile survey shows your commitment, which in turn affects the amount of invitations to online paid surveys that you will be getting.

Keep in mind that any information that you provide is protected and processed in accordance with applicable laws. We also follow the rules of the ESOMAR (European Students Association for Public Opinion and Market) Code of Ethics. In addition, iWadi is certified with ISO 20252, and our connections are encrypted with SSL / HTTPS.

Always respond to invitations

During your registration with iWadi you have provided your e-mail address. To this e-mail address that you provided us with, we will be sending you invitations to online paid surveys (of course under the condition that you have verified your e-mail address). You should be responding to as many invites as you can.  Just by being a member of iWadi, you will not be making money on online paid surveys. You actually need to act.

Believe it or not, but the fact whether or not you answer to the call to take an online paid survey, can influence the perception of you as a respondent. If you do not respond to invites or you respond to them very rarely, the research companies may find you as not a very attractive respondent. Also, the system may treat you as an inactive member and automatically stop sending you invites. The more often you respond to invitations to take online paid surveys, the more likely companies will be perceiving you as a valued respondent. The perception of you as a reliable respondent will in turn increase your chances of receiving invitations to online paid surveys and of making more money.

Remember that all information that you provide in the surveys is processed in aggregated form. The results are presented only in the form of anonymous data and statistical summaries, as the average or the percentage response for a particular group of people.

Provide comprehensive and honest answers

In some surveys you only need to choose one answer to a given question. In some surveys, you may be asked to provide a descriptive answer. Make sure to provide as much detailed answer as possible. In this way you will be treated as a reliable respondent. In the end, you will increase your chances of getting more invitations to online paid surveys. The more invites you get, the more money you can make.

The research companies are more willing to address their surveys to those respondents whom they may consider as a reliable.  Always provide comprehensive and honest answers. We use filters that can catch false or meaningless information. We are able to verify the truthfulness of responses (e.g. if you answer the same question in different ways, we are able to find out about it). If you do not answer honestly, do not expect that you will be treated as a serious respondent.

Do not rush

In each invitation to take paid online survey you can see the time needed to complete the given survey. This time is carefully calculated. If you complete the questionnaire before the minimum specified time, it may indicate that you didn’t read the questions carefully, you didn’t concentrate on your answers or you did your job sloppily. We do have control procedures allowing identifying such practices. We cannot pay for unreliable work. Remember, you get paid only if you provide true and fair answers and complete questionnaire in full.

If you do not know something, ask

If you have any doubts or questions, you can always reach us at [email protected].