Online paid surveys are one of the options to earn some additional money. However, online questionnaires are not only about making money. By taking online surveys with iWadi you can get to know yourself. Also, by informing the companies about your feelings on various products, you in fact participate in shaping of the consumer market.

Paid surveys and your purchasing decisions

Do you often buy anything spontaneously? Probably yes. Do you ever wonder why at the given moment you made certain purchasing decision? Probably not.

With online paid surveys you will begin to realize how your purchasing process looks like. You will find out how you make purchasing decisions and what affects them. By providing answers to online surveys regarding certain products, you are forced to confront with your own behavior and opinions. By being confronted, you will often discover new information about yourself and your choices. You will get to realize how you see the given products, how you define them, what you are aiming for while making your purchasing choices as well as what is important to you while making purchases. After a short time of taking online paid surveys, your purchasing decisions should become more reasonable. Reasonable buying will result in savings (in addition to earnings on online paid survey).

Paid surveys and market novelties

Online paid surveys examine your opinions and feelings about the products that are already on the market as well as those that are yet to be introduced to the market. With online paid surveys you can learn about new products, discover entirely new things, and verify your feelings about those that you already know or use, or get to know them from a different angle. Most importantly, you can take part in decision process on how the new product will look like or what modifications are to be introduced to the existing products.

Paid surveys and the consumer

Online surveys allow companies to get to know your opinion as a consumer. Online paid surveys allow you to present your thoughts about products to their producers. Online paid surveys are the easiest way of communicating by companies with their clients.

When the companies want to introduce a new product to the market or evaluate an existing one – rather than risking its introduction or modifications, the companies prefer first to present their ideas to their customers. Answers providing by the customers in the surveys allow to deliver or refine the products in accordance with customers’ expectations. Your feedback, provided through online paid surveys, will directly affect how the products or services are presented. You will influence what features and functionality the products will have, etc. By participating in online paid surveys you will also influence how the products are presented on the market. You will affect how the commercials look like. In the end, you contribute to a more customer oriented market.