Apparently working from home (even from time to time) is one of the many ways to achieve happiness. You can work from home on a regular basis or do it occasionally. Working from home is not for everybody though. Some people simply feel the need to be in the office, around colleagues. Nevertheless, making money from your home has a lot of advantages.

Working from home gives a sense of freedom. You do not like an alarm clock ringing at dawn? Or maybe you perform better in the mornings? Do you prefer having Mondays off? When you work at home, you are your own boss. You have no superiors. No-one tells you when and how to do your job. You do not have to listen to anyone. You can organize your own time. You choose when and where you want to work. However, if you work from home, make sure to take care of the proper organization of your home office.  Working in your pajamas or in bed will only slow you down.

Working from home translates into higher productivity.  When you work at home, you can organize your work and your working environment in such a away, that you can eliminate all the factors that affect your productivity. People who work from home tend to be more relaxed and less stressed. In turn, they perform better at work. It also turns out that those who work from home actually work much more, which does not necessarily mean that they work longer.

Working from home improves your health. You don’t have to be stuck in traffic jams. You don’t have to watch co-workers that get on your nerves. You are not subjected to all of the office noise.  Your boss is just some virtual person. The office politics seem not to be real anymore. Definitely, you are not a part of it. The entire stress related to work environment, does not affect to you anymore.

Unfortunately it happens that the nature of your work does not allow you to work from home. It may also be that your bosses do not accept home offices. Studies show that 34% of Europeans would prefer to have lower salary but be able to work from home. Nowadays, more and more people choose alternative ways to make money. Those alternatives include taking online paid surveys. Taking online paid surveys can even become a way of living.  Try it.  Sign in with iWadi, wait for an invitations to online paid surveys, sit back, relax and start earning.